Bathtub Reglazing Illinois and Wisconsin

Commercial Bathtub Refinishing Service

Now more than ever, bathtub refinishing has become the quickest and most economical way to give your bathroom clean and modern look.

This is an opportunity for huge savings for everyone, and especially for commercial properties. With our bathtub renovation techniques housekeeping in hotels, motels, apartments or retirement and nursing homes becomes more efficient.

Most important, it will add value to your property and will increase its rate in competition with others for a minimal cost and minimal interruption for your tenants.
To convert dull, worn, stained, chipped or out-of-date colored tubs our experts use modern, odorless materials. We work with steel and cast iron bathtubs, without disrupting the walls, plumbing or electrical work inside of the bathroom.

During the process we refinish tile walls and the tub together, that prevents mold and mildew form in grout or caulk lines.
The whole project usually takes 24 hours to complete. Our finishes are guaranteed against adhesion failure or peeling.


The undeniable advantages of reglazing

Does not require dismantling
4 hours of work
Ready to use in 24 hours
Full insured
No Peeling Off
Without leaving home

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